“What Craig Proctor Didn’t Tell You About Succeeding In Real Estate Is Killing Your Business”

Discover there is more than a "stock" website and postcards when you want to succeed in real estate

Dear Real Estate Professional,

After getting an e-mail that promised you could cut down your hours and never do a single cold call you were very interested to learn more.  You might have even taken the time to check out the “Quantum Leap System” and figured if you could make $300,000 per year working less than 40 hours a week it must be worth a try!

Once you started trying some of the “systems” you started to notice there were some challenges.  Those weekly conferences with Craig, didn’t give you the opportunity to speak with him, they were just recorded calls.  When you asked to speak with Craig himself, you could tell the “coaches” could barely contain their laughter and they told you “it’s going to take a lot more than $800 a year to be able to speak with Craig Proctor”. 

So how were you to figure out how to use all of these “systems”?  It seemed like a great idea, launch some ads, a website, or even postcards and have hundreds of people calling you (but that didn’t happen).  You were told that to get leads from a website you would have to purchase another “system” and that if you wanted leads fast you would need to start sending out postcards and taking our more ads.  But where should you place the ads?  How much should you spend on advertising?

…You never got those answers

So instead of skyrocketing to $300,000 in annual commissions with less than 40 hours a week, you were left with a system that would sit on your shelf, collect dust, and keep you struggling in your day to day business.

Discover The Methods To Get Friendly, Motivated, And Willing People Who Want To Do Business With You

You can make a 7 figure income with simple step by step methods and spending less than 7% of your commission on advertising, and even speak to a coach who has consistenly sold 300+ homes annually. 

In order to make a 7 figure income in real estate, we invite you to consider a different approach.  With this approach you will get people calling you to have you help them with their real estate needs.   If you want angry customers, or want to make cold calls, then you can certainly stop reading now.

There are two key steps to consider in getting people that need help to call you for help (often begging you for help).  These steps don’t require money and they will actually end up saving you time and money in your real estate career.

  1. What type of clients do you want to work with?  - Think about the most basic level – buyers or sellers.  Don’t say that you “will take anything” as that will set you up for failure.  Selecting a focus on either buyers or sellers will allow you to put the right marketing. 

    With the right marketing you will get hundreds of people calling you monthly giving you 10’s of thousands of dollars in commissions.  Don’t be alarmed that “marketing” is expensive as we will share with you how to save money, generate hundreds of leads, and close business.

  2. What is your marketing message? – Once you have determined what type of clients you want to work then you will need to craft a marketing message to attract those customers.  Whether you work buyers or sellers you can have a marketing message that compels people to pick up the phone to get your help.  In order for a marketing message to be effective it must satisfy the following conditions:

    1. Save people time

    2. Save people money

When a message saves people time and money they just can’t help but pick up the phone.


We Invite You To Discover The Real Estate Marketing Techniques That Will Allow You To Close Business Every Month Regardless of Market Conditions, Without Breaking Your Bank Account, and Without Ever Making A Single Cold Call

We have taken out the guess work so you can start generating more business today. After closing over 300 homes a year for over 10 years (with just 2 people on staff by the way) we learned quickly that marketing needed to be cheap and generate calls every day.

In this ebook you will discover "dirty little secrets" like...:

  • Why it's foolish to spend big money on marketing (yes those ads that the local "top producer" is running is just making them broke)

  • How "a slogan" (which practically all real estate coaches teach) is actually killing your business and stopping people from picking up the phone to call you

  • Why answering questions when you get calls from your ads is preventing you from getting appointments coming through your door

Why answering questions when you get calls from your ads is preventing you from getting appointments coming through your door

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